Getting ready for Eid!

The day before Eid, the H family spent the evening trolling the malls in town. Picking up last minute bits and bobs. Baby boots to match the outfit. Ingredients to to "realize" a fanciful menu... Breakfast- Batura (Savoury, slightly sour, leavened flat bread- Dr J's description) with mutton stew. Lunch- Mutton Biriyani, Traditional Kerala Chicken Fry,... Continue Reading →

Here’s wishing everyone ….

It was one of those days. A day when nothing productive happens, and yet there is not one idle moment. A day when all plans go awry and one gives up on them long before the day ends. Every Eid- eve is ridden with chaos and peppered with uncommon unpredictability- no matter how much one... Continue Reading →

The Week That Was….. In pictures!

Another week unfolds and wraps up. It pelts along before one can contrive any plans or dwell on any happenings. For memories to be registered, one has to look back and reminisce at least once; after which the memory can be recalled at future occasions. So, what memories do I have to register today? Last iftar... Continue Reading →

Eid at the H household!

*Warning – This will most likely be a very long post. Kindly grab a cup/mug/glass/goblet of your favourite beverage before you sit to read this. Gather some munchies as well if you wish… Enjoy! Some say they will not celebrate Eid this year…. Reasons? Well, that is their prerogative. I did give the notion some... Continue Reading →

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