This, that and what’s up.

The past week has been killer. Nasty killer, not fantastic killer. And it has been that kind of week, when everything hits you from all sides, corners, angles and directions. Yet, I wouldn't call it a disaster. We are alive and standing, and therefore things aren't even remotely in the disaster corner. The week before... Continue Reading →

Getting ready for Eid!

The day before Eid, the H family spent the evening trolling the malls in town. Picking up last minute bits and bobs. Baby boots to match the outfit. Ingredients to to "realize" a fanciful menu... Breakfast- Batura (Savoury, slightly sour, leavened flat bread- Dr J's¬†description) with mutton stew. Lunch- Mutton Biriyani, Traditional Kerala Chicken Fry,... Continue Reading →

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