Grubbie Tuesday- Here’s my meal plan..

Last week, I raved about meal plans. How it makes my life easier, more organised…… So, what does a typical meal plan look like in the J household these days (just prior to Ramadan of course) ? Saturday Dosa + Sambhar Left-over chicken biriyani Chappatis + Potato gravy Sunday Idlis + Chutney Vegetable sandwich Pasta... Continue Reading →

Grubbie Tuesday! Plans and MEAL PLANS!

I think Virginia Woolf was spot on when she said “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well. If one has not dined well” (A room of one’s own). Two days, two consecutive food posts. Written with such ardour. Such intensity. Such passion. You might assume that I am borderline food obsessed. Well…. I am.... Continue Reading →

Appam Chronicles…

The quest for the perfect appam…. My fellow mallu’s (those who inhabit or originate from mallu land aka the banana state – Kerala) will know exactly what I am talking about. The perfect appam is different for different people. For me, they are magical things. I can wake up in a grouchy mood, sit at... Continue Reading →

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