Of numbers and milestones.

I am a numbers and statistics loving woman. I just noticed this.. Considering how little time I spend with this much loved baby of mine, these humble numbers are comforting. I wish I could do more here. Interact more with other bloggers and diversify. But I really am stretched to snapping point. So yeah. Our... Continue Reading →

Of January rain.

It is almost 5:30 AM. The unfailing Human Alarm wakes me up. She is still asleep though. The morning is enveloped in characteristic wintry, darkness. But it is uncharacteristically warm. I peel away the stifling layers of covers and blankets and get out of bed, determined to make it for the first run of the... Continue Reading →

Killing some data…

On the train. Baby finally asleep. Plugged into my iPod and browsing the web on phone. Killing megabytes A thought just occurred - Hey why not post something, see how WordPress works on a Windows phone. So yeah, here I am. Dawn's breaking. I am excited. It's been a while. More than six years. Since... Continue Reading →

Here’s wishing everyone ….

It was one of those days. A day when nothing productive happens, and yet there is not one idle moment. A day when all plans go awry and one gives up on them long before the day ends. Every Eid- eve is ridden with chaos and peppered with uncommon unpredictability- no matter how much one... Continue Reading →

An existential crisis…

I was greeted with this notification after I published yesterday's post.   I was vaguely aware of the number of posts being in the 90s, but was pleasantly surprised when the number 100 popped up. 100 posts! Ficklemindedness is my trademark trait, supplemented with an occasional lack of self- motivation and surplusness of procrastination. All combined, things... Continue Reading →

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