Nerdy Sunday! The Lowland- Jhumpa Lahiri

June brought clouds that concealed the sun, storms that turned the sea gray. The atmosphere was raw enough for Subhash to keep wearing corduroy slippers instead of flip-flops; to continue to pre-heat the electric blanket on the bed. The rhythm of the rain was nocturnal, drumming heavily on the rooftop, tapering to a drizzle in... Continue Reading →

The Shameless Consumerist.

 Mr H calls J a shameless consumerist. The type that advertisers love and capitalistic economies thrive upon. The type that drives minimalistic, sustenance- only, under- the-top individuals like him nuts!J has always vehemently and vociferously denied the accusation, of course. She believes she only buys what she ABSOLUTELY NEEDS. Nothing more, nothing less.Why would they... Continue Reading →

Lust List! To drive away the blues.

The post- holiday blues refuse to loosen their stifling claws. How does J usually tackle such a tribulation?1. Run till her legs give way. The sweet pain of the post- run soreness ( the next day) masks all ills of the mind.2. Read till the mind is littered with the author’s words. The words bring... Continue Reading →

Nerdy Sunday! Richard Dawkins- The God Delusion.

 Book Review- "THE GOD DELUSION" by Richard Dawkins. Another Sunday, another book review. A book that is seemingly very relevant to today’s times…. There was a time when money was the root cause of all evil. It still is, probably. But ironically religion comes close to dethroning money from it’s “prime-evil” status. We live in... Continue Reading →

It’s Thursday! Peek into the past week…

The advent of Ramadan brings a raft of changes to life here in Qatar. The pace slows, work hours change, days become less productive, the nights’ stirring….. Ramadan is a time for abstinence, orisons, supplications and self- introspection….. It is also a time for increased “family-time”, special meals and traditional recipes…..A time to reassess …... Continue Reading →

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