Walking on eggshells.

I assume many have abandoned this blog by now. I can see the numbers dwindle and my hard work wither away. It's been so long, and so sparse. The posts on this page are as rare as rain in Doha, and I could blame circumstance, life and the universe for it. But in truth, I... Continue Reading →

The fabulousness of an imperfect life.

There are possibly only three constants in life- boredom, change and death. Death is of course irreversible and inevitable and we shall talk no more of it, at this present juncture. We shall let death lie in wait, for another day. Boredom and change are inseparable bedfellows. One cannot be without the other, and one... Continue Reading →

A year on.

I'm often accused of being a person with nigh zero sense of occasion. Anniversaries and birthdays are like water off a duck's back to me. If not for social media and reminders from humans and gadgets alike, I would probably never remember any of them. I therefore stand out like sore thumb in an era... Continue Reading →

Simplicity and patience.

Of all the things I wish I could be, the ones that would probably make the most difference are simplicity and patience. I wish I were simple in mind and habit. I wish I were patient with circumstance. Aahh, how much less harassing life would be then! Tao Te Ching is a tiny little beauty... Continue Reading →


See you tomorrow. Be there tomorrow, for sure. Ahh! lets just fix it tomorrow. Will sort it over tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. We take it for granted. We use the word ever so casually. Nonchalantly. But our tomorrows are so fragile, so unreliable. There one moment and gone the next. Whoosh! Wiped off. Demolished. Disappeared from the... Continue Reading →

Second chances.

Life is a horrid, evil little miser when it comes to second chances. She rarely ever hands them out. At least, not in the 'big' things, or in the matters that matter. No sir. So, what if Life presents you with a second chance in something that you thought was over and done with. Something... Continue Reading →

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