There’s no place like “home”!

The weather in Doha was at it's ficklest. Erratically cloudy and dusty. Swelteringly hot and humid one minute and surprisingly un-hot (can't call it "cool" yet!) the next. The day Dr J left Doha, the city seemed to be in a glum mood. Dark and threatening to pour. Alas, no such thing transpired. J left Doha... Continue Reading →

Random thoughts and images….

If home is where the heart is, then this alien city is my home. Bangalore to Doha to Bangalore to   Can this be squeezed in?     Back to where one belongs?     One last time...     Minor/ temporary beguilement...     Almost blasphemous separation....     Yet again..... less than 24... Continue Reading →

Well, well …..

It is 9:25 am, and my lil one is fast asleep. I have chores to do and calls to make. I also need to take a shower (Sorry for TMI!). But instead here I am- starting a blog. It was a random thought. A sudden idea. I have not even thought it through. I am... Continue Reading →

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