Of unwitting absence.

It's been a while folks! The blog absence and internet abstinence was unintentional; circumstantial. The H family was on a road trip. A trip initiated by grim events and complicated by urgency. We packed in haste and  hit the road unprepared. It is amazing how much life and thought are forced to change when you... Continue Reading →


I love Saturdays (or Thursdays, depending on which part of the world I am in at the moment). It is a warm, fuzzy kind of love. It is conditional though. I wouldn't love it if I were on call/ duty the next day. So yeah... We are spending the evening chillin' at home. Not in... Continue Reading →

Weekend woes.

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round. All day long.... Seriously folks, this has been running in my head ALL DAY LONG! I had some tremendously marvelous blog post ideas for the day. Posts that lamentably did not... Continue Reading →

It’s finally here…

It's finally here folks! The ergonomically designed, soft- structured, baby- carrier is finally here. Ha! Months of research and endless mall pounding and Dr J came up with nothing. Until yesterday... She found a Doha- based group of Mommies on Facebook (Meet the lovely ladies here) , that and a few phone calls later; things... Continue Reading →

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