The List

Lists are good. Lists are purveyors of sanity. Lists may not get tasks done, but they bring order to the chaos that is life. Lists, at certain places of work, can literally save lives. Checklists, do-to-lists, index lists, bucket lists, shopping lists- call them what you will, they certainly make life that teeny bit easier.... Continue Reading →

Wishing for a ‘pensieve’….

Time- 12:25 AM Venue- Living room. H family residence. Doha, Qatar. External Environment- Cool (AC on), Television - News, Hot Chocolate, Laptop…. Sleeping baby and working husband next door…. Internal Environment- Pensive, Restless, Thoughtful…….. Frustrated….Content, almost Happy…. Anxious….. Thought I’d do a post on “where to buy all the ‘baby-stuff’ in Doha”….. In preparation….. Put... Continue Reading →

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