Missed me?

It is past midnight, and I am typing in the dark. My antiquated laptop has no keyboard back-light you see. Of course , it is no excuse to replace Mr Pappy. Also, some keys on him don't work. This started a few days ago. So now I copy- paste certain letters! Aah! the fun of it!... Continue Reading →

The end of the world…

  The end is near lads. Life seems rudderless. Oh Lord, how am I to survive! I'm lost and lonely. Friends faraway, hope ye' all doing good. Mum, hope breakfast was good, And hope Dad didn't throw a fit. My other Mum, hope things have quietened down, Hope Kerala is not in chaos anymore. Wonder... Continue Reading →

Of imminent changes..

Just when new becomes normal. Just when the dust settles.... The storms of change arrive....Again. Yet again! We are but helpless, flapping, flailing, falling leaves... At the mercy of the saturnine winds of change. Incapacitated. Lost. Aah! time to swither and ponder is long past. Time to dust off and get moving. Again.   A new... Continue Reading →

Recap Thursday- Synthesizing Happiness?

This past week has been so boringly mundane that it would be a waste to dedicate an entire blog post to it. Nothing dramatic or spectacular came about. All the holiday excitement sort of fizzled out and normality took over with gusto. Ramadan already seems like a distant memory. But life- changes are in store.... Continue Reading →

The Week That Was….. In pictures!

Another week unfolds and wraps up. It pelts along before one can contrive any plans or dwell on any happenings. For memories to be registered, one has to look back and reminisce at least once; after which the memory can be recalled at future occasions. So, what memories do I have to register today? Last iftar... Continue Reading →

Malayali 101

  ALL MALAYALIS…… 1. Are those that originate from or are/were inhabitants of the southern Indian state of Kerala       2. Speak at least one-version of the multifaceted language- Malayalam   3. Hate it when you call them “Madrasi”   4. Are not “Malabaris” 5. Don’t have a funny, “zimbly” accent.   6.... Continue Reading →

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