The parting…

Hours 13 to 16... Eerily prophetic bed cover!   Off to the airport...   The "New Doha International Airport" - NDIA/ Hamad International Airport - HIA   Had absolutely NO time to wander about the "airport- mall" and duty free outlets.   The minimalistic but spotlessly clean changing rooms...   Looking for the boarding gate,... Continue Reading →

The last supper..

Hours 1 to 12.... The "packing expert" fits everything but the kitchen sink, into three bags.   The Last Supper...Mister's choice.   Will sorely miss the morning cuppa together and the gossip and ranting that goes along...   A favoured breakfast at the H household!...   And finally...the last meal....   More to come... Till... Continue Reading →

Lil’ Z heads to Al Ghariyah!

Morning lovely people! It's been a long time. A long HIATUS- see I have improved my VOCABULARY. All big words. Mama reads to me. I cannot speak yet, but I do think about them in my head! We have been keeping very busy. The road trips are few and far between. We have so many... Continue Reading →

The Qatar Vaccination Diaries!

Hola Folks! Another bright and sunny day. The summer seems to be on it's way out. Haaa.....Finally! I actually had ALMOST COLD water running in the tap today! Those in the middle-east will know what I am talking about. Yesterday was Zoe's Vaccination Day. And getting vaccinations in Qatar is always exciting. So much drama... Continue Reading →

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