The desk on a non- manic day

The manic surgeon-mum desk

I know nobody cares, but I’m still going to put it out there. It will someday serve as a reference to myself- I can come back to the post if I need to look up something đŸ˜‰

After we moved to Trivandrum, we spent a few months in complete chaos. My books were everywhere, the clothes were downstairs while we lived upstairs, the kids’ toys were hidden away and therefore did not serve their purpose. So, after a lot of back and forth we decided to go down the home renovation route. We got an extension to our bedroom which now houses both our closet and my study. All of my books now have a proud home (we had to still split them up – some are housed here and some at the clinic), they are no longer packed and hidden away from sight.

The process was long and painful. We continued to live upstairs while the construction progressed at a snail’s pace. The daily cleaning after the construction workers left, was defeating. We did not wish it to be a fancy aka a designer space. We wanted it to be functional and economical. We chose materials that would fit our budget but made sure nothing was random and every detail was ‘made- to- order’.

We shall talk of the desk today.

It had to be sizeable and yet fit the room. The height had to fit my petite frame. It had to have a cable manager of sorts incorporated to fit my dozen or so gadgets and their adapters. We needed multiple plug points and an extension box. And finally, the surface of the desk itself had to be fairly hard- wearing. Someday, I shall have a leather- lined desk in oak or mahogany worthy of MP Mr. Thomas Shelby himself, but not at the moment.

I look upon minimalistic desk set-ups on Pinterest with unabashed envy. Realistically though, that can never be me. I have multiple projects going on at all times, loads of text- books, journal papers that I print out even now (I’m attempting to go own the iPad pro route at the moment, will report soon), multiple notebooks, planners, to- do lists…

I try my best to keep it tidy, but most times I can only muster ‘organised chaos’- at best.

Till next time,


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