On the carousel this week

It’s all dark clouds and dark moods here. A pandemic, some torrential rain and a dash of cyclone in the mix.

Happy weekend y’all.

Ha. As if there is any difference. Hours merge into days and days into nights. The weeks seamlessly coalesce. There are no work days and weekends. No school runs and morning rushes. No curfews and screen- limits. No rationing of your newest Netflix obsession. The pyjama life. The sleep- ins. No need to make tell myself that my body needs rest and therefore shall hit the gym tomorrow- the gym’s on rest.

It is like all our wildest dreams came true. And it’s a nightmare.

Anyhoo, I came on here to revive my half-a-decade old tradition of weekly book posts.

So, what’s on the shelf/ desk/ bedside/ towel-rack/ terrace this week?

All The Light We Cannot See is surprisingly a bit of a chore, beautifully written chore of course. I guess my days are so slow currently that I cannot indulge the languid beauty of the book. Rule of Wolves is obviously young adult, but hey, I was recently a young adult (about 15 years ago). Deep Work is grossly overrated, I can say what is in the book in about one page, despite my penchant for glib verbosity. Girl, Woman, Other, is undeniably a powerful exploration of marginalisation, oppression, feminism, racism, patriarchy, politics, sexuality and the like; but it’s too much in too little and is not my cup of tea. But I have done my due diligence and ticked it off.

Rule of Wolves is done, bit the others are at various stages. I’m also done watching Shadow and Bone on Netflix, took me one night.

I’m reconsidering doing the Peaky Blinders again. I like watching whiskey chugging, superficially stoic, deeply tortured human- chimneys with PTSD, relentlessly pursuing ambition while being dead inside. Lovely!

Till next time,


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