Day 19- Imagination

I am not sure if this is normal. Sometimes, the inner workings of the human mind are hard to unravel. I do not know if this is how everyone thinks, functions, lives. I am curious though. I cannot imagine somebody not having this at their disposal, life would be unbearable if it were so.


I have an 8K, ultra-wide-angle, super- vivid, 8-dimensional imagination. I can dream up elaborate stories, concoct layered, multidimensional scenarios, paint picturesque landscapes; all within the safe confines of my head. No storyline is too far fetched, no goal is unattainable. I have been a hacker, an MMA fighter, a special ops agent, Barack Obama, a modern day Onna-Bugeisha, Hermoine even. I have seen the Northern Lights, lived in Tokyo, worked as the erstwhile Brangelina’s nanny while looking like Jessica Alba and went on a cruise with Jack Sparrow. I have even been Gaby in The Man from Uncle (I ended up with Solo rather than Ilya!). I have recently met my high-school crush, who is currently undergoing a physical and mental mid-life crisis, and therefore makes me look and feel like a goddess in comparison. I travel all the time, almost every day. (You get the drift.) All in this wonderful, magical, unparalleled world that is my head.

I have often heard that in life nothing is impossible. That human capabilities are limitless. But it isn’t true though, is it? We are limited. In a lot of ways. There are a multitude of things that we might never achieve, despite our efforts. Nothing is guaranteed.

If there was one guaranteed, infinite resource, it is our imagination. I wish to teach my children this- imagination is truly greater than knowledge itself.

And imagine (pun intended) my rush when Z told me tonight at bedtime that she can “imagine any dream she wanted”. She apparently does that every night. Imagines herself to be whatever stokes her fancy that day.

Bravo, little one, Bravo! May your tribe increase.

Till next time,


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