At the close, of another one.

The days are mostly long, but the weeks, months and years are astoundingly short. The little ones ain’t so little anymore. Is that a proper wrinkle I see? The greys hairs are in greater attendance. Insurance companies put you in the next bracket.

Involuntarily, I clutch harder at the grains of time, and all I’m left with are a few paltry ones in my sweaty, small palms.

It unnerves me to think that I was 16 when my Mum was at a similar stage in life.

My brief reversion home, is almost at an end. I have learnt something new and remembered many an old thing. My children have had the incredible experience of living with their grandparents and outright bully them on the daily. I have had the fortune of worryless childcare and of also being treated as a kid while being an adult.

All said, it’s time. To sail away to uncharted waters yet again. A new city and a new life beckons. Babies (who aren’t babies anymore, sigh!) in tow. Wish me luck and the universe’s mercy please. I have heard they are in short supply these days.

Till next time,


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