A confession and a comeback.

Let me get things going with a confession- I have been writing elsewhere and this blog has been wilfully neglected. Repatriation has re- instilled the need for privacy and stealth. I now prefer to pen my thoughts under the cloak of internet obscurity.

The paranoia was bestirred by patients looking me up; and was further aggravated by relatives who had things to say about everything I wrote. I wasn’t afraid as much as I was annoyed. I still wished to write, but just not as myself. I therefore took refuge in an anonymous blog.

Bravo, to the few who tracked me down from here to there.

Anyhoo, the annoyance has now been overcome. Mostly thanks to a few hardcore (I wonder what they saw in these words!) readers from here. I think they know who they are. Thank you.

I shall now be me and her. The known and unknown. I can compartmentalise and share equally.


Till next time,



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