Finding time

There is always time. ” I have no time” is an excuse we make when we don’t want to do something.

We always got the time we need.

I did not feel the urge to write, the past few months.

Or to be honest, I felt the urge but could not be bothered to actually make the effort. Lack of time, was a convenient excuse.

Life has changed dramatically folks. Apart from the possibility of moving countries, jobs, separation- there is also the unrest within.

Mid- life crisis?

Considering a lifetime of 60 years, this would qualify as midlife.

I am aware that this post could come across as cryptic and vague. But, there is no elaboration to offer.

We have no idea where we are heading. Not sure, where we will be in the coming months.

Never imagined that national policies or regional politics could ever have a direct impact on our personal lives and family matters. But then, life is always beyond our imagination- ain’t it?

Till next time,


4 thoughts on “Finding time

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  1. Hi Jazna mam,
    Reading your blogs is as much a delight as it was attending your seminars back in Dvg.

    Mid life is something i keep thinking about too. Very real and sometimes very jolting.

    Politics affecting personal life? How so.

    Regards and wishes


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