The one with the changing bag

Any self respecting blogger with young progeny is bound to pen one of these posts. The one where they share their fine looking, perfectly packed nappy/ changing bag. I too have done one of these, about two odd years (maybe three?) ago. I am embarrassed to go back and read it, therefore I’m not going to link it here.

I used to think that children are so high maintenance. This was when I had a baby that never (really NEVER) spit up, did not take a dummy/ pacifier, hardly every pooed on the go, and of course did not take a bottle. Still, I carted around a decent sized changing bag with spare clothes, blankets, diapers, even a pacifier (?). The clothes sometimes were replaced weeks later, when she outgrew them. The diapers? I still have a size 2 diaper that I recently found in one of my old nappy bags from 2015. Yeah, so.

So, this time I thought I might downsize things a bit. My older one is three and needs almost nothing (except water every 15 mins) when we go out. She was potty trained (by herself, not by me of course!) eons ago and she is good with telling us exactly when she wants to go, and can even ‘hold’ things for a while if needed. On rare occasions, we have some water or gravy spill, that is about it. I assumed the new one would be the same as his sister.

I assumed wrong. Duh!

This one loves to poop (hallelujah!), and spits up like a pro. Dribbles like it’s nobody’s business and is mildly addicted to his dummy. Basically he is a boy 🙂 If my daughter left me not really knowing how to change a nappy outside the house, my son has given me enough practice that I can now do it one handed, in a jam- packed car, at a traffic stop. I now only have to master the art of doing it whilst he is in his car seat, without removing the straps. We’l get there.

I am therefore, forced to lug around a fair amount of “stuff” even for short trips out.

The bag is one I have spoken about before. I ordered it directly from the website. The shipping charges were about the same as the taxes, they negated each other as I did not have to pay taxes (Storksak is a UK base brand, and I am buying it from outside the UK). The bag is as great as expected (better be, for the price) and if I were forced to find a downside, it would be the lack of outside bottle pockets. Also, I wish I got a deeper camel colour. The leather color can be lighter or darker depending on how it responds to the treatment. If I’d bought it from a physical store, I would have picked a darker shade of tan.

Okay, so let’s get to it.

My pictures are going to be raw, unfiltered. I have not cleaned out my bag before doing this. We have Lil Z ‘helping’ us and Mr A is staring at us from his playmat.

Disclaimer- Most days, the bag is packed better than this. I like to have it restocked and ready to go after every trip, because we do end up using a lot of things at every outing. But we have not had the time to repack it after the last time we went out.


The Storksak Elizabeth in color Tan

The newer models do not need separate stroller clips like before
View from the top. Looks like a sturdy handbag, or a stylish weekend bag
Eeks! Hope it ain’t too messy inside. The chevron and pink one is a ring sling that we used during our trip to the park.
The huge pack of wipes was thrown in at the last moment when we leaving, as we had run out of the travel sized ones.
I swear, it’s usually better packed
Spares for the  kiddos
Wipe central! Honestly we NEED all of the above.
The mommy pouch that comes with the bag is useful to cart around bits and bobs like these. Recommend carrying paracetamol and saline drops. Breast pads if breast feeding.
An inside look – well lined and plush. Tick.
My little man needs a lot of spares, bless him! Recommend the bamboo swaddle-  literally use it as/for everything.
Really enjoy the changing pad that comes with bag. 
Is large enough, padded enough. Comes with in built compartments which I do use. So, if I need to change The A Man, I have everything I need in this handy little thing.
A refill for the nappy bag dispenser (blue hangy thing on the side of the bag). The A Man has just reached that stage where he has started noticing the world around him. SO flickering screens, oddly noised rattles and these crinkly books are his dope currently. Of course, The Sister filches them away at the first opportunity and then they disappear for ever somehow!
Though it looks unencumbered, the bag can seriously hold a lot of stuff.
My trusty ring- sling (from Cookiie Pie) is a tad tired looking and faded, but still going strong.
The bag comes with an insulated bottle holder, which currently doesn’t see much use. Special thanks to the desperate to assist assistant who demonstrated the extent to which it opens.

We do carry dummies/ pacifiers with us, did not have any clean ones in the bag then. Lil Z carries her own bag with a towel, water and snacks. Miss independent.

We have disposable changing mats, and toilet seat covers in the car which we rarely use.

What else would I suggest to a first time mum?? Early on, and for long trips it would be wise to carry a change of shirt/ top for yourself and your husband. By now I’m cool with walking around with spit up and milk stains so I can’t be bothered.

Yeah, so that’s about it I guess. I remember finding these sort of posts/ videos fun and informative when I had Lil Z. I hope this too helps someone, or at least helps someone fill 10 mins of their time whilst nursing at 3 AM.

Storksak bags are marketed as luxury changing bags. They are definitely sturdy, well made and stylish- but they do have their cons. This one is heavy (I knew that before purchasing) and does not have useable outside pockets. I usually carry a small cross body bag on me to carry my essentials. The husband and I have to often split up when we are out, the buggy is usually with them and therefore the bag too. Carrying my stuff (phone, wallet yada yada) on me is therefore wiser.

Till next time.

Dr J


P.S. If I ever felt like using a backpack changing bag, this would be it.


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