First world problems.

Forgive me if any of you folks are having a difficult time in life. Apologies if you have bigger problems. Please do no take offence to the fact that my current problem is finding a gym in Doha that opens before 6 AM. And please do not mention those hotel gyms that would cost me a minor fortune every month.

Most open at 8 am apparently. One fancy place I visited opens it’s grand, faux gold crusted doors for women at 10 AM! The lady at the reception looked at me with an utterly bewildered expression when I told her that my preferred time would be around 5 (or earlier) in the morning.

I like to get my exercise/ training/ runs out of the way early in the day. More than a decades experience has taught me that it is the only way to stay consistent. I want to get back to training, seriously again; all said though, the city might fail me.

Even the “Anytime Fitness” chain here isn’t quite open “anytime”.

I wonder why.

Till next time.


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  1. I believe that Condoleza Rice used to exercise at 4.30am before ‘running’ George W’s foreign policy.

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