Weekend tittle tattle.

How are you folks?

I’m in a bit of a chatty mood.

Most days, when I’m at home I’m passed out cold somewhere. On the couch with the laptop dangling over the edge, or with my face squished into the pages of a poor book. In the guest bedroom, with half- folded laundry. On the breakfast table in the kitchen with the coffee gone cold. You get the drift…

Therefore, even with the best intentions of keep up with the whole blogging, and online journaling thinggy- I never quite manage to put up even a couple of decent posts a week.

These days, I feel like I have so much to share. Mum and baby wise. “Coping with work” wise. Tips, tricks and hacks that have helped me survive. Alas, this knackered body, and the foggy, preggo brain are just not that cooperative.

Honestly, I thought the so called “pregnancy brain” was an urban myth. Propagated by lazy, pregnant mums who needed excuses to not do stuff that they do not enjoy doing. I hate putting the laundry to dry, or empty the waste bins. So, it is pretty darn easy for me to just say “Honey, I forgot”.

No folks, IT is truly a THING. A REAL MALADY. My keys, my stamp, my pager- I can never find them even if they are in the very same places that I always leave them. I forget my own pre- natal appointments and scan dates. I am so tired by the time I finish clinics (mind you- it’s not even a theatre or call day) that I forget simple, little details like the fact that my first born needs to be picked up from this thing called nursery before I head home.

I write everything down these days- then forget the bloody planner at home, or (the worst) in some random OR in the theatre complex. I then have to retrace my steps, hoping that some nosey consultant, or nurse has not been reading my most personal scribblings (e.g.notes like-mention to the doc the insane “lightening crotches” in the past couple of days!).

Baby Preparation wise, I am no where close to being ready. I had my first one, a little less than three years ago. But honestly, I don’t have much of the stuff with me anymore. Last time around, by this time, my hospital bags were packed and almost ready to go. Not so this time. I have picked up a few bits and bobs during the January sales (read- about 6 baby grows and a blanket) but no where near the amount of stuff that I might need to survive the first month.

I have a Grand 8 Weeks as maternity leave before I jump (and hopefully not sink and drown) back full throttle into work, therefore I need to get my pumping act together right from the get go. Last time, I had a good six months off and was therefore lax with the whole pumping shebang. A Medela Harmony worked just fine last time. This time though, I’m going all out- so the Pump In Style Advanced it is. Good news is the pump has been ordered, and I’m awaiting delivery (pun intended). It is ridiculously expensive to buy one in Qatar (read 2700 odd QAR), so I’m having Mr H’s friend (imagine! that too with other more embarrassing accessories) ship it from the U.S. The things we do to skimp on a few extra Rials here and there šŸ™‚

The changing bag has arrived as well. From the U.K this one (seriously, looks like only the clothes will be bought here in Qatar). Will share more on that one soon.

And for those who have been asking- I plan to deliver at Women’s again this time. For several reasons. Might share more on that in another post.

That is all I have time for this morning folks. I have let Zoe have a lie- in to accomplish this. It’s time to wake the little, sleeping “monster” up, or I will end up ruining her (Okay, mine!) entire schedule.

Have a lovely Saturday folks.

Till next time.



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