The Second Time.

Everybody tells you the second time if different. Very, very unlike the first. You don’t plan so much, you don’t read so much, you don’t even think about it that much.

Everybody is right.

There is so much more on my plate this time, most days it is purely a sort of “let’s just get to night time” existence.

Knackered. Drained. Zonked out. Shagged.Shattered. Stonkered. Or to put it simply- bloody, darned tired. I say it so often (mostly to one person- Mr H), I’m sick of hearing myself say it.

This time, I have not shown myself any mercy. No leniency has been granted. The daily grind was hard enough, but now it’s on a whole new level.

It’s the last few weeks folks. I’m almost there.

The funny thing is, there shall be no respite even after.

Till next time.

Heavily pregnant, crazy lady from round the corner.

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