Stuff that changed my ‘getting ready’ game!

There are times when you meet someone or use something for the first time, and you are blown away. You hear bells ringing in the far background and you hear a choir hitting a high note. You think to yourself “where the hell was this all my life?!!”

Here are a few products that I have been religiously using for the past few months and now I cannot imagine how I managed without them all these years.


This is my third bottle of this truly “extraordinary” magical potion. The Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil  claims to be a beautifying oil for coloured hair. With UV filters too apparently.

My hair is coloured, and I’m not too sure about the efficacy of the UV filters but this light, non- greasy oil (which isn’t the least bit oily), makes my hair soft and less frizz prone. It imparts a subtle shine without it ever appearing or feeling greasy. I use it prior to and post drying/ styling my hair.

At over 50 QAR, it’s isn’t cheap but the bottle does last a while. And honestly, I have used far more expensive hair products with far less impressive results.

*I have often caught sight of Mr H snicking a couple of squirts of this in the morning to set his “this- isn’t- styled- I- was- born- this-way” hair.


This innocuous appearing, humble little tool has completely revolutionised my hair game (along with he Elvive EO). I am now a blow dry/ dry styler convert.


These ridiculously priced, glorified make-up sponges have been a rage for a while now (The world has in fact moved on to even more ridiculously priced, weird oval- shaped toothbrush like  make-up applicators.) Never thought I needed them. I also did not want the extra hassle of washing and drying them. Finger-tips will do thank you very much!

I was wrong. Some foundations of mine have been languishing on my dresser, unused, for a while now. They just never look good on me. The shade matches, but the finish just doesn’t cut it. But these Beauty Blenders (the less pricey Real Techniques ones aren’t bad either) have literally made every single unuseable foundation useable. And the foundations that I already liked, I like them even more now!

The finish (best when used damp) is unparalleled in my opinion. And it definitely makes heavy- duty, full -coverage foundation look less cakey, especially when you use them damp.


Fix + , the name connotes that this is a fixing or setting spray of some sort. Maybe it helps the make- up stay longer?

I use it for a different purpose though.

I hate appearing powdery and dull- matte. It usually happens to me with my ill- cared for skin and full- on foundations. Three spritzes of this, and everything sinks in, coalesces and the whole look appears more polished.

Seriously, no exaggerations. And thankfully, even if I go overboard with it, I don’t appear shiny or oily (which would defeat the purpose entirely).


Use this as a color corrector, prior to applying concealer. No more dark circles, thank you.

No wonder my concealers always  appeared ashy on before *facepalm*.



Insanely expensive, but the best eye- liner thinggy I have ever used. Period.


Has two ends- thin and thinner. For that extra- precise flick.

P.S. These are not just my favourites, these are stuff that I would repurchase till they go out of stock/ production.


Till next time,

Dr J.

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