Ambre Imperial.





Quietly confident, subtly sexy.

There, but not quite.

Like the softest, most fluffy cashmere sweater.

Like an autumn evening in the smoky woods.

A woman who is supremely herself, and makes no excuses for it.

A man who doesn’t fit into pre- requisite boxes, yet knows his way around the world and daresay revels in it.

Starts off peppery and spicy, almost oriental. Settles down into a warm, powdery borderline edible character. As the hours roll on, turns into it’s true dark, woody self.

Here’s presenting my current fragrance obsession, and probably signature scent-Van Cleef & Arpels’ Collection Extraordinaire, ‘Ambre Impérial’


FullSizeRender 3

This is a master creation by talented perfumer Quentin Bisch. His version of the Amber Scent.



FullSizeRender 2

Amber perfumes, mostly smell the same to me. Or they may all start off differently but end up with the same classic “amber” scent. Not this one. As an amber connoisseur, I can truly say that THIS one is different. Softer, yet edgier. Unique. And I love smelling dark and unique.

If one is generally a fan of sickly sweet, feminine, floral scents; this wouldn’t be up their alley. This is more unisex, and may even smell entirely masculine to some. I love  this on me, and I love this on my man- it is very, very rare for a fragrance to be able to achieve that!

At the pricier end of even the most expensive “high-end” designer perfumes, everything about the perfume- it’s bottle, packaging symbolises understated luxury.


FullSizeRender 4


FullSizeRender 5


My only grouse with it- I was sure it would last longer. Don’t get me wrong folks, it will and does last a normal work-day aka 8 hours but it sure doesn’t stand up to my 30 hour on call day test. Now, now don’t shake your head in disbelief folks, there really are fragrances that stay that long on me (case in point- Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue).

It smells best on bare skin and even better in hair. It is definitely a warm, winter fragrance but I’m going to unapologetically wear it al through the year. It’s rich and indulgent but not sickly overpowering. It’s a thin line between the two, and Ambre Imperial does not cross it, but resides confidently on the line.

Do give this one a whiff the next time you are around a Van Clef & Arpels boutique, you too may turn into an amber convert!

Also, me thinks it makes for a fancy gift, for any cool couples that you may know- weddings or anniversaries perhaps?

But then, it’s also a fragrance that is not for the conventional hearted…

Till next time.

Dr J.

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