The ladies lounge- Summer scent recommendations.

For the longest time, I was an utter bore when it came to scents. I had a signature scent, which I wore all year- day and night. I wore it till it made me nauseous; at which point I would seek out another “signature scent”. I then wore THAT ad nauseam.

I like fresh, aqua scents. And deep musky/ amber ones. I could not stand the overly sweet, floral scents that my peers swore by. I also liked (and still do like) men’s cologne, and wear it without regard for propriety.

Recently though, I sense some subtle changes in my scent selection and tolerance. I am more open to wearing and appreciating things that are out of my comfort zone. Beyond my “safe choices”. I also have stopped the “signature scent” habit and reach out for different bottles on different days. I sometimes like ’em light and fresh and at others I prefer the dark and mysterious.

Anyhow, to cut things short here are my top picks for this summer. They might not all be new or fancy, but I assure you they are as diverse as you can possibly get.


eau de lacoste sensuelle


white musk libertine


black opium





Till next time.

Dr J.

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