It’s been so long.

I have lost most of my friends here, I’m sure of that. People who dropped in day after day, for news, posts, updates… and left.

I could have made the time. I could have posted something. Anything. But honestly, most days I am spent. Beyond spent. Spent to the point of delirium and irritation.

Spent; therefore I have no motivation or desire to log in online and share deep, dark, inner thoughts to nameless, faceless people.

And just like that, I thought I was done.

Done blogging, that is.

Apparently not.

Here I am. On rare, free Friday afternoon; with boxes to unpack (we moved), laundry to fold, vessels in the sink and a ‘just commenced” presentation open on the second slide- writing inane matters to unknown people.

A few major events have unfolded in the past couple of weeks, and maybe I will fill you folks in on another day when my head is less cluttered.

See you soon, folks!

Till then.

Dr J.

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