The 3 min 40 sec skincare routine.

Yes folks, I spend about 4 minutes or so on skincare everyday. Considering the fact that I can allot only about four hours to sleep and rest, I think 4 minutes on skincare is borderline luxurious.

Here goes…

  1. Getting the war- paint  off.

    FullSizeRenderI use one of the two, depending on what I feel like and how much time I want to spend on it. I do prefer the Bioderma Sebium H2O though. It quicker, less icky and more effective.

  2. For the non- squeaky clean finish.

    FullSizeRenderIn the summer, my skin can handle the cleansers that give the “squeaky clean” feel. Not in these dry months though. I have really been liking this particular cleanser.

    I bought it because, I have been seeing it in the female on-call bathrooms for a while now. And over the last month someone has been quickly getting through the bottle. Therefore I surmised that someone really likes this cleanser, and I know first hand that Bioderma is a fairly “gentle” brand. It hasn’t disappointed me and I’m thankful to the faceless/ nameless doctor that has unwittingly recommended this to me.

  3. For the night-time.

    FullSizeRenderI finally finished up every last drop of my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and then headed off the very next day (as I had promised myself about 10 months ago) to pick up this pretty brown bottle.

    This is all I use on my face at night- two drops is more than sufficient. Will let you ladies know what I think of it soon..

  4. An old work- horse.

    FullSizeRenderYou guys must be bored of seeing this on this blog. Apologies.

    I use it on chapped lips, cracked heels, flaky elbows; basically my SOS cream.

  5. Trying to use- up.

    FullSizeRenderNot really worth the hype IMO. Maybe it doesn’t suit my skin/ situation. Or I might not be using it right. In short, will not repurchase.

    7. You little beauty!


    It might sound far too simple- minded, but this flat, tub of glycerine is all I use for dry skin. No fancy body butters, and no fragrant body lotions.

    So pray tell me ladies, what are you folks using this winter??

    Till next time.

    Dr J.

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