Falling temperatures and rising spirits.

I sit in an uncharacteristically still and silent room tonight. The comforting thrum of the ol’ but trusty air conditioner is conspicuous by it’s absence.  I wonder if I will find it difficult to fall asleep without the white noise that I associate my nights in Doha with.

All this, thanks to the sudden turn in the weather. The nippy mornings, and the chilly nights. I am forced to not only contemplate my need for supplementary white noise to fall (and stay!) asleep, I also am forced to pen a literary acknowledgement of the blessings of the Weather Lords. The searing heat that seemed relentless just a couple of months ago, is a distant memory. But there are occasional flashbacks that zip across memory threads; they serve as reminders, to enjoy every nano- second of the current atmospheric conditions.

I have never thought of myself as an earth-creature. I never considered myself to be in-tune with nature or as “one with the elements”. The demons I fight are all within and not without. Yet, the change in the winds, and the nip in the air, has perceptibly altered my mien and moods.

The heat made me feel stifled, harried and perpetually exhausted. The chilly air by stark contrast induces a sense of freshness and exuberance. I feel freshly- alive (if such a term exists) and oddly; cheerful. The bright morning sun hitting me, while the cold wind swirls around me, seems like a warm embrace that ends with a tickle by icy fingers.

My senses seem more acute, and my mind clearer. I can now even consider walking from a certain point A to point B without melting along the way, or needing an IV drip of electrolytes thereafter. These were things that I once never thought of, things I always took for granted, before moving to Qatar.

I have occasionally lived in muggy, coastal weather; but I’m mostly a child of the moderate climes. I never quite fathomed a place where I would find it too hot to walk across the street or to the nearby grocery store. Therefore, every degree drop in temperature is a reason to rejoice.

I fell asleep last night, at about THIS point (I did not publish this post). I woke up grumpy and groggy. I got through the morning motions, like a man condemned to the gallows in a few hours. But as I locked the main door, and clipped the pager onto my scrubs, the cool breeze wafted into the corridor and I shivered. The cold zephyr instantly soothed my spirits. I walked out with some cheer in my soul, a spring in my step and a song on my lips. The sun has barely risen but my day has long begun. Yet, today I shall not complain, for the Weather Lords have appeased me into a sense of calm and contentment.

Aah! sweet weather, how I love thee…..

Till next time.

Dr J.

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