The Ladies Lounge- Splurge recommendations!

Well, it has been a while, has it not? Since we spoke fun, girly (womanly?) things?

This is a sort of “bonus post” for the day. I was organising (fiddling/ messing around would be more apt 🙂 ) my vanity and spotted these beauties which I have been using almost everyday the past couple of weeks or so.

So here goes.

If any of you ladies are on the look- out for some kick-arse make-up products/ cosmetics and are in the mood to splurge, then I have just the thing(s) for you.

I am not prone to raving about things, unless they are truly life- altering.

Na, I stand corrected. Mr H slips in a snide remark folks, I’m apparently prone to occasional bouts of exaggeration; especially when cornered into admitting a “non- essential” (read luxury) purchase.

Possibly, yes. But the products I’m going to mention next, are truly outstanding and I have been using them at every possible opportunity since I bought them.

For now I shall share the pictures alone. I will hopefully do a mini- review (short and crisp) of each in the coming days. Hopefully, this will be motivation enough for me to post on the blog more often, irrespective of how busy I am (which let’s be honest will be an everyday occurrence!)










Trust me, they ARE as good as they seem 🙂

Hope that is enough temptation for the day. Will furnish further details soon.

Till then.

Dr J.

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