A post to announce an impending post.

Aah folks! The wordpress “new post” page is a sight for sore eyes.

I took up blogging over a year ago as a form for relaxation. A  pressure release valve. An escape from tedious reality. The concept of strange and unseen folks reading my rants and rambles appealed to my narcissistic sensibilities. It also let me occasionally sidestep into an alternate reality, any reality that I chose to conjure up in my twisted mind.

Soon, it turned into something more. A little bit of this, and a a dash of that; it grew into a tiny little haven surrounded with genuine folks and unbeknown friends. As life piled on it’s chores and everyday woes, this therapeutic daily ritual of typing slapdash thoughts onto the web was thrown onto the wayside.

I miss it though. Blogging. Therefore I vow strive harder. To post as frequently as possible. Hope you folks stay on. And hope the good times here come back 🙂

Have a rollicking weekend folks!


2 thoughts on “A post to announce an impending post.

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  1. Keep going! Post as often as you can. Realistically, that won’t be every day or anything like every day.

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