The fabulousness of an imperfect life.

There are possibly only three constants in life- boredom, change and death.

Death is of course irreversible and inevitable and we shall talk no more of it, at this present juncture. We shall let death lie in wait, for another day.

Boredom and change are inseparable bedfellows. One cannot be without the other, and one is also the other’s perennial nemesis.

Boredom often portends change and change is more than occasionally the consequence of boredom.

We are all supposedly in the eternal pursuit of perfection. We yearn for the best. The best of everything. Family. Spouse. Work. Life.

We believe that if only we could achieve perfection, we would be forever happy. We believe there are things,  people or events that would be so extraordinarily perfect, that it would wash over our lives and make it perfect. And happy.

We also believe that the association of happiness with perfection is absolute.

In essence, for a majority of us the pursuit of happiness is synonymous with the pursuit of perfection.

But if perfection means one has reached “maximum”, the best one can be, the finest; then perfection also means stagnation. In more macabre terms, it mean death. The end.

Funnily then, if perfection is the ultimate aim, we all do achieve it. Because we all die!

When looked at from an alternate view, perfection can also be immensely boring.  Without imperfection, the necessity to improve, progress or change ceases to exist and therefore the entity become a constant.

An unchanging, boring constant.

Even perfection when constant and routine becomes mundane. Our minds are dulled and fatigued by this unchanging constant, despite the brilliant perfection it constitutes.

Perfection ultimately induces boredom, and we yearn for change again. And thus the viscous circle continues. The restless, unending pursuit.

In short folks, we are all imperfect people, leading fabulously imperfect lives. And that is exactly how it should be.

For perfection is only to be pursued and never attained, and happiness is not an attainable goal but a state of mind.

So chin up folks, and relax. The rat race leads to nowhere fantastic. The best, literally is now. The present, is the only tangible, unarguable truth. Everything else is just to chase away the boredom, the stagnation. We change everyday, in order to beat boredom, and yet stagnation catches up with all of us ultimately- death himself!

Cheers folks! To our fabulous, perfectly, imperfect lives!

Till next time.

Dr J.

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