RUNDAY MONDAY- I’m in tears!

I know it isn’t Monday yet, but I couldn’t pass by without sharing something as incredible as this.

Every time I was in rotation at the Orthopedic OR, I remember how a the whole “macho- butcher-bunch” would have a good laugh at my “little” self.  A particularly pleasant 6 feet 3 gentleman would “shield” me every time a mid- procedure-x-ray was shot.

It was all in good fun though. Or so I chose to believe.

But there was this part of me, this alpha-personality, uber-competitive portion, that wanted to invite them to the tracks. To kick some muscle- butt at a marathon. I believed I could easily out- run all of them.

Also, there was a part of me that believed being small/ a woman does bring in some inevitable limitations.

Dealing with the mostly delicate structures of the face, I rarely require brute force/ strength in an OR but yes muscular fatigue is a big factor during long procedures. And I have always considered my upper body to be a weak companion to my solidly trained lower-half.

I know how hard I find a set of push ups, and after seeing this, I am ashamed. I’m also inspired, and there are tears of inspiration in my eyes at the moment!

Please, please do not for a moment think, any of this is easy. It is incredibly, implausibly hard.

As someone who occasionally puts her muscles to good use, let me tell you this. Man. Woman. Fit. Fat. It is hard.

She just makes it look like a cake-walk. And that makes it all the more incredible.

Kacy Catanzaro, I bow down to thee and to folks like you. All of your 5 feet fabulousness!

You and I weigh about the same, and have the same physical make-up. But I do have about two and a half inches on you, so I should aspire to be better.

No excuses! Ever.

Till next time.

Dr J.

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