The Ladies Lounge- Pick ’em up now! Steals, deals and trinkets for the week.

The weather has been a real stinker this month. I’m hoping against hope that we are past the heat zenith and can’t wait for the cooler months to arrive.

Unfortunately though, the cooler months are still some time away, and for now all I can do is seek solace in the parky confines of the air-conditioned fabulousness of the malls in town 🙂

At every shopping- center/ mall that I visit/ loiter around in, I have my trained, keen eye on every rack and I minutely inspect every store window/ display that I pass by. I spot, scrutinize and catalog all items in my head, and store the information away for future use.

Every time I come across something hard to come by, unique or unexpected (as in- thought to be unavailable in Doha) I want to holler out to all the women in town who I know would be running from the pillar in Villagio to the post in Gulf Mall looking for the same.

Here are a few picks from last week- deals, steals and trinkets that some of you might like to pick up as well.

* Though this post is specific to Doha, many stores mentioned here will be present across the GCC (even India!). 


Steal! Brown knee- length boots.

I love me some boots!
I love me some boots!

I am border- line obsessed with boots and classic (aka non- platform), pointy- toe, stiletto pumps. Ankle boots are more my style, mostly because they suit my wardrobe/ style of clothing more.

They are also more easy to come by, store and maintain. That said, I would NEVER, EVER say no to a pair of good- looking, brown, knee length, leather(ish), size 3 shoes that are on SALE!

Just the right heel
Just the right heel

They are extremely comfortable, the heel is just about right; high enough to add some spunk and character (and lets admit- some height!) but low enough to walk comfortably and even run (in pursuit of the eternally mobile toddler).

The “worn” look is casual but chic

Like all tall boots, they are not as snug at the top as I would like them to be, but I love the whole distressed, worn leather vibe (or maybe they are just some really, old stock 😉 )

Either way, they are a steal for 70 QAR. Head to Forever 21 at Ezdaan Mall, if you’d like a pair too, I saw a few left just a couple of days ago.


Forever 21, Ezdaan Mall

How much?

70 QAR (last reduced from 120)


Hair-bun-clip thinggy

Might look odd at first sight, but it does well what it's supposed to do
Might look odd at first sight, but it does well what it’s supposed to do

This funny looking hair- contraption is ingenious. It is a godsend to all us forever-bun-haired girls. It looks alright when worn out (not everyone’s cup of tea probably) but it’s great for ladies who wear a head scarf and to wear at home.

Comfortable- does not give the tight-ponytail/ bun headache
Comfortable- does not give the tight-ponytail/ bun headache

If you do wear a head- scarf and are not into “camel-hump-head” but still want a nice shape and your slippy- scarf to stay in place, do try this.

Disclaimer- Very long- haired and thick- haired girls, this might not be for you!


Splash at Centerpoint, Gulf Mall/ Dar es Salaam

How much?



Purse staple- Cool, compact mirror of decent quality

Let’s admit it ladies, either we never really use the mirror we have in our purses or we never have a mirror in our handbag when we actually need one!

Mirrors can be very handy things and I have been on the look-out for an inexpensive hang-bag variant for the longest time. But most of the inexpensive ones I have come across thus far have been tacky looking, plastic things which serve no real purpose. This until I found The One.

Weighty and decently- built.
The One. Weighty and decently- built. And not a bad looker!

They come in several prints on the cover (floral/ geometric) and have an actual glass- mirror inside

An actual
An actual “mirror”!


Forever 21, Ezdaan Mall

How much?

19 QAR


Every girl needs one- Lipstick organizer

Lipstick/ Cosmetic organiser
Lipstick/ Cosmetic organizer

I have been looking for these for a while now. I saw some at Dragon Mart a while back, but they were insanely priced (for the product in question). I had resigned to the fact that I might have to pick them up the next time I went home, or order them online.

And then one day, last week, I saw an entire bunch, stacked up at the entrance of Splash at Centerpoint, Gulf Mall. I wasn’t sure of the quality, so I picked up the smallest (read cheapest) package. I wasn’t even sure it would be true to the picture on the packaging.

Turned out to be better, much better than expected. Good acrylic, no messy scratches and true to picture.

All my everyday
All my everyday “stuff” in one place

I will definitely be going back for more, the bigger ones this time (with more compartments and slots)

And finally, most important.


Best blueberry muffin in town

First, second and third place goes to- Blueberry, Banana and Plain!
First, second and third place goes to- Blueberry, Banana and Plain!

I have known this for a while now, and I have them almost every time we fuel the car up. The giant blueberry muffin at the Sidra outlets are the best muffins in town. Thus far.

Their banana and plain muffins come a close second and third.


Sidra outlets at Woqod Fuel Stations

How much?


That is all for today folks. Do let me know if you bought/ tried any of the above. Also, please holler here if you are privy to any “deal in Doha” knowledge yourself 🙂

Till next time.

Dr J.

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