This, that and what’s up.

The past week has been killer. Nasty killer, not fantastic killer. And it has been that kind of week, when everything hits you from all sides, corners, angles and directions. Yet, I wouldn’t call it a disaster. We are alive and standing, and therefore things aren’t even remotely in the disaster corner.

The week before the last week of Ramadan is hard anyway. The novelty of the Ramadan cheer and iftar food excitement has faded, the fasts are becoming harder and seemingly longer. The endless iftar buffets at swanky places irritate you and the fitting room queues bug you no end. The odd hours starts playing tricks on the mind, and the body starts to protest. Eid still feels ages away and generally you feel down and knackered both in body in spirit. Throw in some random, unexpected (and some expected) curve-balls that life occasionally likes to hurl  at you into the fray and you have a perfect cocktail for nastiness. Ugh.

Some may have noticed how the blog was AWOL for a couple of days. I had a very kind gentlemen (a stranger too!) email me to tell me that my website was down. My domain name registration had expired! Dud I am! I also missed mobile phone bill payments in two countries (yeah, long story). In short, I have been putting everything that isn’t paramount to sustenance off until later. The term “later”  in this case is used in a an extremely loose and vague fashion.

On the bright side though, Eid shopping is done 🙂 We finished it early this year, and I am glad it’s over with. Even getting to a mall this week seems impossible. Have seen the Al Faaza (POLICE) block entrances to malls (because they were chockablock) more than few times this past week. The traffic on the arterial roads in Doha is a bit of a nightmare, everybody seems to be in an odd rush and nobody wants to give in. I really hope everybody ditches the sour mood and embraces the festive cheer this coming week. Boy do we all need it!

Looking forward to the well- earned Eid break.

Till next time.

Dr J.

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