Currently Crushing- Aah, thy lovely June!

All June I bound the rose in sheaves, Now, rose by rose, I strip the leaves.

Alas, June isn’t a lovely month for us folks here in Qatar. Stuck between the desert and the sea, June is never that beautiful month that sees the ebb of summer and the promise of fall. It only sees the almost unbearable, searing heat!

The proverbial weather/ heat talk out of the way, we can now get down to business. And I’m proud to finally break the “late streak” of the last few months and actually present the favorites in the first week (well, almost!) of the month.

Ta daaa!

1. And the fragrance of the month is…… DKNY Be Delicious Men

Of course, not mine... :-)
Of course, not mine… 🙂

Have had the ladies’ version (all of them) eons ago. It’s a lot stronger, crisper and more mature than the women’s fragrance from the same line. And I like it (on the man).

Of course I do. Duh! I bought it.

2. Anti- foundation month- MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder

Summer and foundation are a bad mix.
Summer and foundation are a bad mix.

There is no point slopping foundation all over, it all melts away the second you step out of the air conditioning anyway. It is therefore a month of generous sunscreen, and even more generous powder.

3. And no fuss lipstick- REVLON Rosy Nude

Barely there
Barely there

You would not even know there’s lipstick there. It just evens the pigmentation if any, and presents a put- together, polished look. A must- have for the medium skinned ladies (NC 35ish in MAC- speak) who don’t want to look made up.

4. Flushed naturally- BENEFIT Benetint

A tiny package but definitely packs a punch!
A tiny package but definitely packs a punch!

Damn. My secret is out! It stays on practically all day, even at 50 degrees.

* Special thanks to a certain blogger who recommended it. You know who you are, you fancy- pants surgeon 😉

5. Ramadan diet equals breakout equals La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

Savior in skin- distress
Savior in skin- distress

This over- indulgent, out-of-control Ramadan diet is wrecking havoc on my acne- prone skin. This product claims to

Visibly reduce all types of acne blemishes and penetrate deep into pores to clear even stubborn blackheads and whiteheads.

Not sure about the above claims, but the 5.5% benzoyl peroxide definitely helps with my acne. And that is all I ask.

6. Bye bye Gatorade- Generic drugstore ORS

Ditch the pricey sports drinks I say
Ditch the pricey sports drinks I say

To put things mildly, runs have been grueling this past month (heat+ fasts+water-loss). I swore by Gatorade for the longest time. Not sure why, when I know exactly what my body must have lost…

7. Post- dinner, pre- suhoor fix- Cadbury Pretzels

Sweet (salty?) fix!
Sweet (salty?) fix!

Not too sweet. With a hint of savoriness (yes!). Chocolate and crunch. This my current accompaniment to oh-so-sweet hot chocolate.

A woman’s gotta indulge after all!

8. Iftar fry-fix for the busy/ lazy days- Al Areesh Frozen Falafels


Picked these up on a whim. Presumed I would find it bland, soggy and tasteless. Presumed wrong.This little fella is surprisingly crunchy and “un-bland”.

Not bad. Not bad at all, for a packaged, frozen bunch of falafels!

9. Brown’s the new black (bad pun alert!)- Sheaffer Brown

Turquoise is so last month!
Turquoise is so last month!

I washed out my daily pen (Lamy Studio) last month and dunked it in this understated but chic color. I love the look of it on my planner and journal pages.

10. Run baby, run! Adidas miCoach.

For the fitness freaks
For the fitness freaks

Do try the micoach if you are a running geek. It is a training/ running app with a whole gamut of great features. Only downside- you might be tempted to invest in the complaint gear 😦

It is utterly, completely late (or early, if you look at it that way) folks. I might put this up tomorrow after a cursory run through. Hope y’all have a cracking day!

Till next time.

Dr J.

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