Runday Monday- Surviving workouts in Ramadan.

An 8K is a good run on any day.

And if you are pushing yourself, and fighting your usual times, it’s a really good run.

Doing so in visibility impairing, extremely muggy weather with the mercury hovering upwards of 40 degrees is a brilliant run.

Add to that the fact that you did not have a single bite to eat, or have even a drop of water for over 15 hours, until about 45 minutes before the aforementioned run, it is feat that demonstrates resilience and human endurance (considering the human in question is as ordinary as the next).

And yes, for half the distance, the strong sea- gust is opposing your every step!

It’s an exhilarating workout. Your bloodstream is throbbing with adrenaline and endorphins. Your little heart is pumping about 7- 8 litres of blood per minute and there is a pleasant buzzing in your head.

This wont last though. The negative water and electrolyte balance will be a killer cramp initiator. The low glucose (considering all you had to burn was a juice, some dates, fruits and a let’s be honest – some fried stuff 🙂 ) too will take it’s toll ultimately.

And so you start the replenishment process. Water is most important in this case of course. You could go the sports- drink route, or you could be the pro and do some plain ‘ol ORS.



Out of curiosity you weigh yourself after the sweat-athon. and the machine tells you you have lost almost 2 kilograms in water- weight. Oops!

So, you keep chugging the ORS and have left over fried items. Just as the proverbial cramps start to set in, and the calves slowly start to develop that pleasurably sore ache, you decide you deserve a special treat.

What’s better than a BIG shawarma! ?

After all, you have to fast again the next day. And better your run as well!

Till next time.

Dr J.

P.S. I do know it isn’t Monday today!

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