A year on.

I’m often accused of being a person with nigh zero sense of occasion. Anniversaries and birthdays are like water off a duck’s back to me. If not for social media and reminders from humans and gadgets alike, I would probably never remember any of them.

I therefore stand out like sore thumb in an era where ‘1 week meeting’ anniversaries are celebrated with more gusto than I would be able to muster if I won the Nobel Prize.

I am neither proud, nor embarrassed by this trait of mine. But I do wonder sometimes, if I’m letting life sneak by. Slink away slowly, while I while away each day. Maybe I am the fool here, not the couple who threw a huge party for their newborn’s one month ‘birthday’.

Maybe life is about these “special” occasions and celebrations. Maybe my daughter will someday wonder why her first birthday was a tiny, family affair while her peers had fancy do’s at fancy places with loads of fancy people attending.

This 4 AM ramble was brought on by a small little message that popped up on my WordPress page.

Whoa! Has a year passed already. When? How?

I went on to check some statistics. Humble though they might be, they are still significant to me, especially considering my content here is nothing out of the ordinary.

I do not have any particular area of expertise, nor do I post fashionable Instagram worthy selfies. I promise nothing exciting really. And I’m prone to fickle and erratic behavior, and it often reflects on the blog. I also did not know (when I started) if I’d have the commitment to see this through to even a month!

And yet, here we are. Over 300 posts, almost 50,000 views, over 1000 comments; and most importantly a small community of folks who remain faceless but are a part of my everyday life. Folks who do not know me personally, but who mostly likely ended up here looking up information about everyday life in Qatar. A vast majority are here thanks to RP processing dilemmas and conundrums, and another bunch are here because they were/ or are pregnant and clueless in Qatar!

The RP seeking folks....
The RP seeking folks….
Regardless of what got you here, thank you for sticking around friend. Truly. It’s been a pleasure, and I look forward to sharing so much more with you folks!

Till next time.

Dr J.

P.S. Today is the day you “silent folks” speak up. Come on. Don’t be shy, I promise not to bite! 

Suggestions are welcome too.

6 thoughts on “A year on.

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    1. Ramadan truly is a month for nightly creatures such as yours truly! It’s wonderful to dine at 2: 30 am stay up till dawn and then head to work at 9!

      And thank you 🙂

  1. Congrats dear. I have never met you, but you almost speak my mind sometimes. Expat life in Qatar is definitely more fun with blogs like yours 🙂

  2. I have been with you since almost the beginning. I WAS PREGNANT! and looking for information on where, how, when…. All I want to say is – thank you and keep going. You may be helping so many other people like me. You are doing what I wish I could do.

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