Currently Crushing- Zoe’s Summer Edition!

Aah my lovely adult folks, it’s so wonderful to write to y’all again! Hope little ‘ol life has been treating you folks well.

I have been quite busy (pah! like always) recently and I have also changed a lot since we last met/ corresponded. I’m a big girl now you see!

I have had several tumbles of note, a bruised temple, a partial black eye and even a split lip! Still, I don’t seem to learn my lessons fast enough, and do some really silly things that end up hurting. I have also made some new friends and picked up a few hobbies along the way.

Anyhoo, so that’s what I’ve been up to. Let’s get to business now, shall we?

I shall not be like Mammaa and ramble on endlessly about products and knick- knacks. I shall also not digress unnecessarily. I have therefore decided to categorize my favorites into food, fashion and frolic. It will hopefully keep the post organised and stop it from veering away into uncharted territory.


Y’all know I’m not particularly fond of the chore called ‘eating’.  It just ain’t my thing people. But there are a few things that I can now stomach; and maybe, just MAYBE, even enjoy.This discovery is all thanks to Mammaa who has been tirelessly trying new things everyday. All in the hope of getting me to eat.

I have always spat eggs out, especially the yellow stuff in the center. And unlike most of my peers I positively detest scrambled eggs. (I tell you, they just smell wrong, those things.) And then suddenly one day, out of nowhere, Mammaa keeps these miniature egg-like things in front of me. I gave them the cold shoulder for a long time, but curiosity finally got the better of me. I had to try one. These really aren’t so bad. Really!

Can you guess what they are?
Can you guess what they are?

Next, we come to fruits. Strawberries are so passé folks. I love me some peaches and cherries at the moment.

Succulent, sweet and sour peaches and cherries (above).
Succulent, sweet and sour peaches and cherries (above)

And yes, I also like these-

Not bad these little fellas.
Not bad, these little fellas.

So, for now breakfast seems sorted. For now..


Fashion-wise, I’m really loving the faded- denim dungaree and football tee look at the moment.

baby dungarees!
baby dungarees!

To be honest, I think I might have been inspired by none other than the chunky mister Prince George himself. Still looking for these pink ones though 🙂


I’m certainly a mixed bag when it comes to inheritance of parent traits. But two things I have surely picked up from Mammaa- tiny feet and an intense love for shoes! I can still easily fit into six month shoes and am digging the whole canvas- like shoe vibe at the moment.

They are never enough!
They are never enough!

And ooh! I have almost mastered the skill of wearing flip- flops! It’s too hot for boots anyway.


This is probably the most most difficult category. I honestly do not know where to begin.

Okay. After considerable inner- deliberation and deep reflection I have whittled this possibly long list to four. Here are the four things I absolutely love at the moment.

1. Baths and beaches (ETERNAL FAV!)

Sorry, I'm too shy to post a pic in my bathing suit!
Sorry, I’m too shy to post a pic in my bathing suit!

2. Grocery shopping

If only I’m allowing to sit ‘inside’ the cart and arrange the stuff as Mammaa ans Pappaa pile them on. Otherwise I give them hell 😉

3. Football

All day, every day!
All day, every day!

4 & 5. Pocoyo and Singing

I’m cheating slightly, but I cannot stop at four! I’m OBSESSED with POCOYO and singing (type of music and language don’t matter one bit).

If only I could watch this all day, and not ONLY when someone has something very important or urgent to do :-(
If only I could watch this all day, and not ONLY when someone has something very important or urgent to do 😦

Alright folks! I’m done I suppose. I really have to rush and get changed- it’s park/ football time!!

Till next time.


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