Currently Crushing! (May 2015)

Halfway into June, and I finally get down to it!

Without further ado..

1. Organisation!

The bug has bitten! Source-
The bug has bitten!

Clothes, books, cosmetics, stationary- everything needs boxes and corners and tiny little cubicles; at least in my humble opinion. It is my most recent obsession. I have done the rounds at Ikea and Dragon Mart. Sadly Dragon Mart proved to be a disappointment; but we picked up loads of organisation trinkets from Ikea and it’s down to work for now. And Daiso, here I come…

2. Smelling edible.

Bath and Body Works Lemon and Pomegranate Cream
Bath and Body Works Lemon Pomegranate Cream

This little beauty remains true to it’s name- to a T!

It might not be the most fantastic body lotion, but it sure makes you smell like a summery, fruit parfait! The scent lingers too. The Mister says I smell like fruity chewing gum, me thinks this thing makes you smell deliciously divine!

*Rush to B&BW folks, tis on sale I heard. Shhhh.

3. Cherry crush.

Cherries from lord knows where..
Cherries from lord knows where..

I would not normally be considered a cherry fan, but these are so succulent and sugary- sweet that I cannot help but gorge. But I do have to compete for them though; both The Mister and The Almighty Princess love to gobble them up.

4. Skin- loving.

Long- time love.
Long- time love.

Make-up artists swear by it. Models vouch for it. YouTube gurus swoon over it. I am a fan too. It is not miraculous by any standards, but it does work; especially as treatment for extra-dry hands and chapped lips. It is always on my bed-side table and if I can remember to, I slather it on generously (wherever I deem fit) before hitting the sack. I even lend it to The Mister when his chapped lips are ready to bleed, give- up and die 🙂

As you can see, I even have back-up.

A tip though- if possible, pick it up at the airport (I always do); it is usually over- priced outside in Doha.

5. My news fix.

News Republic- another news app :-)
News Republic- another news app 🙂

By now, you would know my “thing” for news apps. Here’s another that is mention- worthy, and one The Mister has been an addict of, for eons now. Me? More recently (I’m a Flipboard fiend).

6. Summer blush of the year.

If ever there was a summer blush for me- NARS Liberte.
If ever there was a summer blush for me- NARS Liberte.

When women talk of spring, summer, fall and winter blushes and shades, I usually think to myself “I will damn well wear whatever shade I like / or that looks good on me”. But this honestly screams SUMMER. NARS is back to Qatar (Sephora, Villagio since the end of March). And God! Am I glad or what. Sheer GLOW my love, I missed thee!

I digress 🙂

This blush is a burnt- orange sort of color, and is very, very pigmented. Perfect for the scorching summer. I might do a review on this, it deserves one.

7.  Turquoise grocery lists!

Lamy Safari and Lamy turquoise ink.
Lamy Safari and Lamy turquoise ink.  (LAMY T 52)

I always fill my trusty Lamy Safari with blue/ royal- blue ink. But recently, I have been pulled to the turquoise side of things- from planner entries to grocery lists everything is turquoise and I’m, loving it.

8. Some footsie love.

Unexpectedly good.
Unexpectedly good.

I use it more as a pre- sock, post odour- spray, foot cream. At the end of a long, tiresome day, the poor feet-sies are supple, hydrated and and still fresh, alive and kicking.

9. Size 3 work- shoes that fit!

They are a smaller size three. Yay!
They are a smaller size three. Yay! Ignore the minor scuffing please. (From- Matalan- Gulf Mall)
Androgynous work- shoes. Not sure if they are "in" right now, but I love 'em.
Androgynous work- shoes. Not sure if they are “in” right now, but I love ’em. (From BHS)
Narrow fit 3s.
Narrow fit 3s.

Only women of a particular foot size will truly understand my predicament. Finding decent shoes that fit are as rare as “actual” rain in Doha. And lightening struck twice last month, so to say. I found suede- pumps with a comfortable enough heel height, and a couple of boots and  a really, chic pair of men- style formal shoes all in a span of a week. And on sale too! So, I’m currently crushing all the androgynous work shoes; they are uber comfortable and unique.

That is all for the month of May folks. Ramadan is screeching down upon us, and there is tons to do before that.

Have a pious and blessed Ramadan folks! And for those who do not observe the month as holy, enjoy the shorter workdays, and the reprieve from this horrid heat 🙂

Till next time.

Dr J.

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