Another adventure?

I have a confession to make- I still don’t drive in Qatar.

Mainly because I couldn’t be bothered with taking a test (my home country licence doesn’t cut it here), and also because The Mister never had to take one :-/.

Irrational I know!

He has been to all sorts and kinds of countries (South Korea anyone?) and therefore holds several international licences (jealous me). The one that helped him most in Qatar though, was the UAE one, which is still valid, hence all he had to do to receive a Qatar driving licence was to turn up at the traffic department and show his licence to the “Captain” and pay a nominal fee (sad me). That simple.

Another reason? Well, we have been based here for about seven years now, but I was working elsewhere; so I was usually here for “holiday” and I preferred to be driven around!

Honestly though, if one decides to stay in Doha for long enough, it is incredibly hard to survive without driving or having your own means of transportation. The public transport here is unreliable at best and horrendous at worst. Add to that the searing heat (hence ‘walking down’ is rarely an option), even the simplest of errands and appointments assume gargantuan proportions. Considering all the cities we have lived in, Doha by far has the worst public transport system. Therefore, not driving means feeling stuck and helpless.

The process has began, and for the sake of information and experience (so I’d have an experience that is blog post worthy) I have enrolled at a nearby driving school for driving lessons (‘full- course’). I hope to take you folks along for the ride- literally!

The Mister thinks if I drove like how I am used to in Bangalore, I might need around three attempts to pass. Maybe four, he says.

I keep mum for now. Let’s see, shall we. 🙂

That's me?  Source-
That’s me?

Till next time.

Dr J.

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