The Daddy Diaper Bag!

I was cleaning out the Dad Diaper Bag today, and was amazed at how efficient and minimalist it was.

Zoe does spend a lot of alone time with Papa. She has even been to office a few times. They may spend anywhere from a few hours to an entire day on their own. They are an entirely self- sufficient, albeit rowdy and raucous, team of two. I just do the food prepping and packing, Papa packs the rest of the items the way he wants to.

The “dad bags” are generally huge backpacks and honestly Zoe isn’t a newborn and she doesn’t need all that much in terms of diapers, creams, blankets and all that kind of stuff. Food and change of clothes is now the big “space- eater”.

My mantra to packing seems to be “what if we need it/this/that” while The Mister’s is “if we need something that we don’t have, then we don’t really need it”! And he seems to apply it to every aspect of his life.

All said though, compared to my changing bag, his version really is tiny!

The epitome of minimalism!
The epitome of minimalism!

As I opened it, I found the essentials out there- handy and in plain sight. He says that when I pack the bag (like I used to in the early days) he has to rummage to the bottom of the bag to find even the most needed items.

Handy! The sanitizer thinggy has seem very little use it seems like. I hang it on there for on, eons ago.
Handy! The sanitizer thinggy has seen very little use it seems like. I hung it on there for him, eons ago.

As spoons ans forks go, he carries the decent quality disposable ones we pick up at take- out counters, or the large plastic ones from Ikea. That way he does not have to really bother with “keeping them safe” (for me of course!).

It really is COMPACT!


Inside, things seem to be arranged according to order of use/ importance.

Let's see what's inside shall we?
Let’s see what’s inside shall we?

The ‘cover-all’ bib is at the top of the pile, so he has definitely got his priorities right- FOOD and it’s associated madness.

The no- nonsense bib.
The no- nonsense bib.

The frilly, fancy ones are a no- no for Papa. He prefers the more efficient, industrial- grade versions.

The no- brainers.
The no- brainers.

Papa prefers the pull-up diapers, he says trying to get her to lie down (Zoe is 15 months old) to manage a change of diapers is a nightmare, so its all done standing (with adequate methods of distraction). Our usual ones have run out, these are the Huggies Little Swimmers.

For wipes, there are no special ones for the face or hands or the bum. No anti- bacterial ones, none for sensitive skin. These are the be- all, end- all. Wipes for all purposes and situations.

And this is how I found her spare clothes..


All perfectly rolled up, occupying the least amount of space. Teeny, tiny leggings rolled over themselves, exactly like how he does his socks while travelling 🙂



On one subject though, both Mama and Papa agree categorically- that food and snacks are the key to dealing with toddlers. I usually save up all the baby- food glass jars that we accumulate when we vacation/ travel. From strawberries, to yogurt mixed with tiny pieces of delicious mango, I put most or all of her snacks/ food in these. Even lentils and rice sometimes!

Food is the key folks.
Food is the key folks.

The Mister can then lighten the load as he goes along. No washing required, nor does he have to lug the dirty containers around- he can just get rid of them. I have tons in stock at home anyway.

Plenty to spare.
Plenty to spare.

I also found the ZoePad in there.

Fully loaded ZoePad for desperate times.
Fully loaded ZoePad for desperate times.


Finally, I found a large- sized muslin square. He tells me it’s multi- purpose. He can lay it down before putting her down somewhere, can use it as a light blanket, a pillow, a sling (yes, you heard that right- a SLING! Thats how cool he has become). Or even a large towel apparently. Hmmm… I don’t want to think of why they would need such a large towel.

The All-in-One
The All-in-One

I found some other random bits and bobs in there as well. Nothing worth taking pictures of though. But dare I say, I’m impressed! He has got it covered. It’s no nonsense, practical and extremely efficient from the looks of it.

Off to clean up and downgrade my changing bag now..I’m truly inspired!

Till next time.

Dr J.

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