Runday Monday! Routine for the day.

Total time- 30 minutes or thereabouts (Pretty pathetic I know!)

Music- the following track on loop.

Warm up- Jumping jacks

50 squats will almost 20 pounds added resistance (in baby form)

50 walking lunges

50 alternate side leg raises

50 front and back alternate- leg raises

5 push-ups – barely(yep, it’s gone that bad)

20 push-ups on knees

Two sets of bicep curls with weights borrowed from The Mister’s “box”

Two sets of chest flies, lying down in bridge pose (and baby treating the gap as a grand archway)

One set of triceps dips

One set of shoulder raises and rotations (3 kg)

One set of side arm raises (3 kg)

One set of wrist curls (5 kg)

50 calf raises (with the aforementioned 19 pounder)

Plank – for lord knows how long (till “collapse”). With bubba doing climbing practice on Mama and testing her balance and resistance

10 burpees

Cool down- something similar

Followed by Mama- Zoe dance-party with Zoe’s current favorite song

And her repeating HABIBI, HABIBI over and over and over again!

Workout complete.

Till next time..

Dr J.

Would love to hear from you folks! Do comment (email optional)

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