See you tomorrow. Be there tomorrow, for sure. Ahh! lets just fix it tomorrow. Will sort it over tomorrow. Tomorrow.


We take it for granted. We use the word ever so casually. Nonchalantly. But our tomorrows are so fragile, so unreliable. There one moment and gone the next. Whoosh! Wiped off. Demolished. Disappeared from the calender, from our lives.

What if you knew your tomorrow did not exist?

What if you knew your loved one’s tomorrow did not exist?

What if you know what your tomorrow would entail?

Would you live your life differently? Would you choose differently?

A few days ago, I received news of a death. She was someone I was associated with for three years. A consultant, an anesthesiologist. A teacher in a way. I wasn’t particularly close to her, but she was fond of me. I last spoke to her in 2013 and she wasn’t old or in particularly bad health.

The news of her sudden demise left me cold for a while. An eerie darkness descended upon me. I had been meaning to call her. I had been postponing it needlessly. I don’t know why I suddenly had the urge to call her and exchange pleasantries, but I really wanted to do so.

I never did.

And I never will.

She will never feature in any of my tomorrows, nor in anybody else’s. That is how flimsy and tenuous our tomorrows are.

Many a time, I ‘fight/ survive today, to live tomorrow’. This, when I have no clue if I might still be here tomorrow. And every today is after all an eagerly anticipated and planned hope-to-be-better- tomorrow. Therefore, I have wasted countless tomorrows, hoping for a better tomorrow.

The same goes for our loved ones. We bicker, we argue, we fight over mundane inconsequentialities. What if today is our last ‘tomorrow’ together?

Ask those who have lost a loved one. A child. A parent. A husband. A wife. Ask them what they would not do to get another chance, another tomorrow with their love one.

Let us cherish our todays and nurture our tomorrows folks. And let us do everything, every small errand, every act of kindness today. Let us not put off lovely words or meaningful acts for tomorrow. Let us not let tomorrow defeat us. Let us live in the moment knowing that even if tomorrow never comes, we have done everything that we possibly, humanly could to make our today the best!

Till next time..

Dr J.

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  1. a topic close to my heart.. getting old, u see.. times have changed.. we don’t even make friends anymore.. only “add” them.. holding on to the last threads of friend(s) that were made before they become a statistic..

    1. Yes, the older we get, the more selective we become. Most of us ‘carry’ friendships from the first two decades of our life. If only we gave the people around us a chance, like the 4 year old who shared his snotty hanky with the girl in the seat next to his, and got a friend for life! If only we were less guarded, more trusting. Or maybe… maybe it’s better to be safe than sorry… AAH! Who knows!

      1. have lost that innocence which got us these friends .. less trust towards people.. and we mask it under words such as being busy, incompatibility, snobs, different culture, etc..

  2. interesting post.. some things are understood only when it’s taken away… if you tell a child not to touch the fire because it will hurt, not many will understand it. the child will still want to touch the fire to know what it is and get a burn mark and then hopefully, not touch it again. Unfortunately in personal relationships, death is irreversible and it is indeed the case where today could be the last “tomorrow”. how many people know whether they would return back to their homes when they go out for an errand, for work, for a walk, to the park.. Life is unpredictable. Live with no regrets, if you choose to leave some things for tomorrow because today could be your last tomorrow..

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