Assisted baby- carrying, a year on. (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here

What type of carries do you do?

Ring sling– side/ hip carry, tummy to tummy carry

Wraps– Front carry (baby facing parent of course!), back- carry (Tibetan style/ Rucksack), rebozo front- carry

Structured carriers– Front (facing parent), back carry (preferred by baby and papa these days) and hip/ side carry by Momma (especially with the Ergobaby)

We keep it simple, and do things that are we are comfortable with and quick. We don’t experiment too much, mostly because we don’t have the time for it!

Papa and Zoe rocking the back carry.
Papa and Zoe rocking the back carry.
The 'standard' carry
The ‘standard’ carry
Nothing beats a man in a macho ring sling! ;-)
Nothing beats a man in a macho ring sling! 😉
Comfortable hip- carry with an SCC
Comfortable hip- carry with a SCC

How do you care for your carriers?

A toddler in a back- carry might invariably end up with some snacks in her hand. And she will not be too kind to your lovely, pricey carrier.

We usually use wipes to clean any surface gunk off. And if they get really grubby (or after every trip/ vacation) we toss them into the wash. We try to not do this too often though, we usually make do with some spot cleaning.

The Ergobaby and Boba are perfectly fine in the washer and drier by themselves.I usually adjust the straps to the tightest setting and click all the buckles in place before they are washed. I use the delicate setting in my washer, and that means the dry cycle is not so vigourous. So, it will not be ‘dry’ when done. I then air dry it indoors. The first time, I washed them by hand, and did not see any obvious color bleed. The black/ camel Ergo seems to have faded a little. Very subtle. It could be the sun exposure too.

As for washing the ring slings, I put the rings into an old sock before putting it in the washing machine. It stops it from damaging the interior of the washer, and also from making those annoying clanking sounds. And yes, it has also saved my black rings on my favorite fuschia and chevron RS from losing their paint.

Wraps are just large pieces of cloth, wash them any way you want.

We usually pack our carriers in cotton bags (courtesy Granny!) stitched out of old sarees.

Where to buy them?

BLR- Boba and Ergobaby are sometimes available on Amazon, verifying their authenticity can be a problem though. You could also purchase all the carriers from their respective websites, but you do have to pay a decent amount for international shipping and sometimes even custom duty. They are take anywhere between 2-4 weeks to reach you.

Slings and wraps are easier to get hold of. Several ‘mompreneurs’ in India are selling their own brands of wraps, slings and carriers. You can find them on their individual websites, on Facebook (Beabywearing India is a good place to start) or on online merchandising sites such as My Baby Cart.

DOH- Ergobaby is inconsistently available at Mothercare outlets. Mamas and Papas sell Stokke carriers (some baby- wearing ‘experts’ consider them a no-no). As for slings and wraps, there are women on Facebook selling some really pretty ones (e.g.Try Nice Things).

For all other carriers, best bet would be buying them off online retailers from Dubai (Already covered in an earlier post).

Any accessories worth investing in?

This is why we need drool/ sucking pads..
This is why we need drool/ sucking pads..
Courtesy- Etsy
Courtesy- Etsy

For younger babies, drool pads for you SCC are a good investment. And creative, business savvy Mamas do also sell a range of other accessories- from nursing necklaces to pretty covers for your carriers. There are local sellers -in India try SleepCoo Customs, Dulaar and Cookiie Pie Co on Facebook, in Qatar try ‘Try Nice Things’ and Doha Babywearers; or you could order from the multitude of super- creative sellers on Etsy (many ship internationally).

Part 3- Tips and Tricks

Till next time..

Dr J.

* I am not linked/ affiliated to any of the above mentioned sellers/ websites.

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