Runday Monday- Update!

I started typing this post last night, and that is the last I remember of it!

I woke up at 2:34 AM and as a gingerly opened my eyes, and readjusted my stiff, complaining neck, I was greeted by an eerie white light shining into my face. I hoped I had died of exhaustion and was being beckoned into ‘The Light’ and to untold riches and luxuries and rest.

As my eyes adjusted, the source of the white light became apparent. My laptop screen. I shut the darned thing off, thanked the heavens that it did not burn a hole through my legs and drifted off to snoozeland within seconds. Yeah, so that’s how things roll these days.

I have not been posting any Runday posts lately. I could cite the lack of time as the primary reason, but to be honest, my fitness routine is threadbare these days. It has somehow slipped to the bottom of my endless ‘to- do” pile. Ugh.

The summer is here, full- on. And that means, getting an outdoor run is near impossible, unless I put the little one down for the night and then head to Corniche at 10 PM 😦 Not happening.

For now, I’m stuck with doing a few lunges and burpees during Lil’ Z’s playtime. And maybe an occasional HIIT workout.She tries to get into the center of the action, and therefore I have to step back a notch and not go too crazy with the movement, or I risk hurting her! In short, that’s a bit of a fail too.

And minor niggles and aches don’t seem to want to leave me.

It’s an uninspiring and almost embarrassingly boring post. Apologies. But real life is many a time boring and blah.

I guess it’s time to enroll in another marathon.

Throw some inspiration my way folks…

Till next time..

Dr J.

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