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We are well into May folks, and my April favorites post is tardy, to say the least. Better late than never eh?

1. The Summer Scent- Davidoff Cool Water

Summer staple

Let’s start off with the summer scent shall we? This is an old favorite, and an almost signature summer scent. Love the androgynous feel/ smell of this. A whiff of this in the air, with eyes closed, and you are not quite sure if you should imagine a pretty woman in a floral summer dress and beachy curls, or a dashing man in khaki slacks and a crisp linen shirt with salt and pepper hair! One word to describe the scent- Fresh. Like just had a shower after a sweaty run fresh.

It goes with me everywhere, in my little silver Travalo. And *shush* I know The Mister sneaks in some spritzes too!

2. Cheeky coral! Benefit Coralista Blush.

Another oldie, but goodie!
Another oldie, but goodie!

See how worn and abused the packaging looks. It’s a well- loved staple in my make-up bag, for three summers in a row now.

3. Impulse buy that stuck- Clean and Clear Advantage Clear and Soothe Foaming Wash.

yes. Clean and clear.
Yes. Clean and clear.

Please don’t ask me if foaming washes are harsh. Pardon me, but I’m partial to foaming washes. Oils and creams are good for dissolving foundations and getting stubborn mascaras off, but if you ask me to “wash” my face I’d want some foam and lather folks. I’m quite liking this one at the moment.

4. Everyday lippie- YSL Rouge Pur Couture 09

Everyday for a month now!
Everyday for a month now!

This is such a beautiful lipstick. Really. Beautiful. Creamy, non- drying and a lovely, barely noticeable but utterly chic and put together sort of color. Does look a little dark in the picture though..

5. Excellent baby- bum and mama- face wipe! Bioderma Cleasing Wipes for babies and children.

Mama and Zoe are already sharing..
Mama and Zoe are already sharing..

I used this once out of desperation when I ran out of make-up remover wipes (or I was tired to use a cream/ gel/oil/ liquid plus cotton pads). Now it’s become a regular ritual. It really does seem gentle. Only if it were  fragrance free too.

Does say some “nice” things on the back..IMG_0311

6. Beach. Pool. Bath. Water.

Couldn't even wait to get into her bathing suit!
Couldn’t even wait to get into her bathing suit!

Lil Madam is just like Mama, a total water-girl. She is beside herself with uncontainable glee when in water. So yeah, we are trying to beat the heat by getting into water at every available opportunity.

7. For the Little Madam- Huggies Little Swimmers

Little Swimmers
Little Swimmers

Arsenal for the aforementioned heat- beating, water- missions.

8. Making lists.

Making lists of lists.
Making lists of lists.

Now, I really get what ‘mommy brain’ means. It’s not that we have poor memory, it is just that there is so much happening, and of such diverse matters, and so quickly that our brains have a hard time processing and therefore does not store away memories to be brought back later.

From soaking rice for dosas to remembering to get the laundry out of the drier, to know presentation and seminar dates and on call schedules and baby vaccination dates, grocery lists… you get my drift I suppose.

Lists are handy folks. Very.

8. Beverage freak. Lipton Apple Green Tea

Current beverage of choice.
Current beverage of choice.

I think I have mentioned ad nauseam on this blog, that I’m a beverage freak. Coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate, shakes, juices, sodas- I like ’em all.

Hot tea with oodles of milk doesn’t sound too appetizing at 47 degrees Celsius. The apple flavour makes this summer appropriate to me. I have this this both hot (without sugar) and cold (with).

9.  For News Junkies! App- Flipboard

For voracious news and magazine readers..
For voracious news and magazine readers..

This has been a favorite for a long time now. I always forget to mention it though. Both The Mister and I are news junkies. We even call other other during the day to discuss some random bit of news that one might have read in the morning 🙂

This App is great for having all your interests and all your favorite magazines in one place at a glance. You can customize your feed, and read a few select articles of interest for free from all the major publications in the world. And the app interface is so seamless and fluid that reading news becomes a real pleasure. We use it on all our devices and it works great on iOS, Android and Windows. But the true experience is on the iPad definitely.

I guess that’s about it for this month folks.

Till next time..

Dr J.

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