Some days…

Some days, you are The Universe’s puppet.

You wake up slouchy.

The alarm fails you.

The coffee- maker stutters and dies.

The milk boileth over.

There is a mammoth, God forsaken jam at the petrol station.

And a scuffle in the parking lot.

Sambhar stains your crisp, white linen shirt.

And your colleague let’s you know.

Size six gloves are out of stock.

The printer doesn’t work.

The consultant is grouchy.

The patients are extra whiny.

Messrs Eczema and Acne decide to made it a “double whammy”.

And missing the morning run seems to be a bad, bad idea by mid- afternoon.

Just when you start to think it is ‘almost over’….

The nursery calls….

Till next time..

Dr J.

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