Qatar Vaccination Diaries- Update.

So folks, prepare to be irritated. And frustrated. And bang your head against the nearest wall. I was at Mesaimeer Health Center today. And I asked the friendly lady at the reception desk about vaccinations for kids/ babies on a visit visa (or those in the process of getting a RP). She told me... hold... Continue Reading →

Ma Wedensday! Pre- dawn rumination.

We had a rough, fractured night. Some nights suck the life-force out of you. You question your circumstance, and your very existence. You yearn to be carefree and untethered. You crave a long, hot, calming hour or two in the bath. You wish you did not have to chose between a nightly shower or having... Continue Reading →

Of optimism and hope.

  I love the bright, jarring city lights. Rustic beauty and rural charms do not besot me for long. Even the most beautiful, tranquil, nature infused vacation destinations bore me after a while. I miss the zippy, hotfooted life. I miss the swift and purposeful existence. I yearn for the sense of belonging and familiarity... Continue Reading →

The Ladies Lounge – Out in 5 mins!

Going shopping in Doha is different from shopping at Bangalore. Unlike Blr, shopping "bare-faced" isn't recommended here 😉 The sales attendants just don't take you seriously! So, with a toddler in tow (whoa! she's officially a toddler now) how does one get out of the door in 5 mins? The changing bag is a marine's... Continue Reading →

Coffee and muffins. And the news.

I sip my coffee and down some mini muffins. Zoe is still asleep (bless her !) and I'm on vacation. I do my  morning news roundup. I cherish this precious half hour or so. I read the disturbing and the bizarre. The saddening and the gladdening. The trivial and the life changing. Here are some... Continue Reading →

The world is my oyster.

Why, then the world's mine oyster. Which I with sword will open. William Shakespeare The Merry Wives Of Windsor Act 2, scene 2, 2–5 Women seem to be perpetually swamped. With words, thoughts, wishes, wants, desires, chores, work... For long, I believed this to be an unique and peculiar endowment of mine. The gift of multitasking. I'm... Continue Reading →

Currently Crushing- Feb 2015!

Oops! February just whooshed by and I barely had a handle on things that I had to do and get done. The Shopping Fiend was in check as well, mostly due to dearth of time rather than intent 🙂 Therefore, my favorites for the month are mostly oldies that were either lying forsaken or things... Continue Reading →

Why I love to fly- 3!

Airport hopping is something the entire family loves. We have even come to enjoy the cold, soggy stuff they pass off as food. The vortex that sucks in our waste, the stale, dry cabin- air, the duty- bound hence pleasant attendants, the non- functional bassinet seats, the turbulence and palpable fear of death- we love it... Continue Reading →

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