Of politics and religion. And online squabbles.

This is a post to talk about why I won’t talk about religion and politics on this blog. It’s not that I don’t have my own two (read five hundred) cents on these topics, I just don’t want to open that ugly, festering, divisive can of worms.

As a young girl, I wanted to change to world; that was my “project”. Now I am my own project. There are so many inner demons to kill and battles to win, I have no time to bring down dictators or to waste on social media squabbling with bigots and idiots who mostly have no clue what they are talking about. I have a family to take care of, patients to treat, friendships to cherish, places to see, relationships to enjoy . I have a life to live.

Does this mean I don’t care a $%^& about what happens around  me? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I have causes I believe in, people I’d like to help. I prefer to do that quietly and privately. Brandishing it on public forums earns me nothing but superficial felicitations and false bravado. Charity and compassion are after all the most selfish of virtues. It is a drug like no other, lulling you into a sense of divinity and superiority.

You my dear reader, does it matter to me which God you bow to or which leader you vote for or support. Do I care if you are a theist, deist, atheistic, agnostic or just plain confused about the concept of God. I care for that, less than what I would for a mosquito’s arse who is buzzing outside my locked car window.

I do however, care for how you treat me and the fellow human beings around us. Religion should be an intensely private contract (if at all) between you and your God or whatever else you believe in.

I also care if you are a mass murderer, man- hating- faith fanatic, rapist or child abuser. Nothing more. And I shall therefore speak nothing of it here.

As for changing the world, I wish I could still do it. But I realize, it has to begin somewhere closer to home. With me. And I’m quite busy with that at the moment. I believe anyone can do whatever it is that floats their boat; as long as it doesn’t involve infringing another human’s right to live as he or she chooses to. Of course it is not as simple as it sounds. I sometimes wish I had a bullet for every rapist and child murderer out there; then I realize- it will probably make no difference to the way things work in the universe. We all have the good, bad, ugly and the pure evil within us, how and why it manifests is hard to predict or comprehend. We are a species that loves gore, violence, war and conflicts. Our history on this planet is a testament to it.

And please, let’s all be brutally honest here- IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO THE PURSUIT AND SUSTENANCE OF POWER. Nothing more and nothing less. Power, and possibly wealth. They are ancient bedfellows, their destines intertwined inextricably and irrevocably. No man or woman can resist it’s call. And the path to power and wealth is usually riddled with deception, violence and killing.


Phew! Now that my rant for the day is over, I can get on with my life. And folks, please do the same with yours and stop bickering online with folks who will never get your point anyway!

Till next time..

Dr J.

4 thoughts on “Of politics and religion. And online squabbles.

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  1. I agree with most of what you say. Religion is unfortunately a coversheet for THE PURSUIT AND SUSTENANCE OF POWER in many parts of the world, particularly in the Middle East at the moment. However, we Christians are commanded to love our fellow men and women because we love God and – before anyone tells me about the minority of people purporting to be Christians who don’t – I can assure you that the majority of us do.

    1. Oh yes. Any religion makes sense to me, only if it propagates compassion, love and the basic right to live one’s life….

      I would rather not talk of all the nonsense that is happening right now in south- east Asia and the MIddle- East 🙂

  2. Religion should be private, religious fanaticism of any sort is wrong, it seems to always go hand in hand with women being treated as second class citizens. Do unto others as you would want done to you. Sounds like you’ve had a heavy weekend? No nice magazines and coffee? Xx

    1. Oh yes. All religions (not faith) mostly seem to be an excuse to legalize and make it socially acceptable to ritualistically and methodically subjugate women. Pity!

      And sadly no, I haven’t been home for a while now. The pretty magazines and subscriptions are piling up and gathering summer dust; while I sit at airports and bus stations reading various “POST”s and “TIMES” …they make the heart heavy and dialogue in the comments section seriously makes one doubt humanity. The vileness spewed there, the hatred- is astonishing!

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