The downsized mommy- travel purse!

There was a time I carried my laptop and worked on the plane. I would buy magazines at the airport and read them cover to cover. A twelve hour flight would mean two movies, one book, at least two magazines (cover to cover), some grubbing, some shut eye and loads of window- gazing. Sigh! Those were the golden days, I now realize.

These days, I have to downgrade and downsize. Everything. My has-everything-but-kitchen sink hand baggage is now a mere purse. I don’t need much in terms of entertainment (or keeping myself occupied)- I have my hands full thank you very much!

When Zoe was a newborn, I stuffed everything into The Changing Bag. But then every time they asked for the passport, I had a nappy or a towel come out with the passport. I had to rummage to bottom of the bottomless pit to find some cash or a lip- balm. So, I started carrying a small- sling/ cross body purse to stash some of MY essentials.

The bare minimum would be the travel documents, a mini- wallet with cash and cards and maybe a pen. But I do add some other “stuff”, just to keep my feminine self satiated! 🙂



*Click on individual pictures for descriptions.

Most days, I squeeze my iPad into it as well.

If I am flying out from a GCC country, I sometimes don’t bother with keeping my liquids in a separate clear, re-sealable bag. Everywhere else, I do.

What are your travel essentials folks?

Oh by the way, I always carry two phones and three SIM cards!

Till next time..

Dr J.






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