Stepping back. And what’s been up lately.

The blog’s been a little lackluster lately. I am aware.

I have slowed things down. Have stepped back a few steps. Life is on cruise control, unlike my usual turbo- charged mode.

I do this ever so often. Mostly, as a survival tactic. Taking time off is paramount to my barely there sanity.

For someone who whines endlessly but secretly loves the daily grind and takes pleasure in partaking in the rat race and being in an intensely competitive and toil- ridden profession; taking time off is both difficult and rewarding. It gives your perspective. Gives a distant but panoramic view of the “big picture”. Instills you with new sense of zeal and purpose.

I did it post school, then post under-graduation and then again after my residency. Though many scoffed, and doubted the true intent; I did what I had to do. After all, no matter how much the rat- race appeals to you, life is about “living”, not running.

I am at an important intersection again. Life beckons from varied, almost tangential paths. I am stalling. Biding my time. Making subconsious decisions and deliberations, all in the guise of relaxation. Enjoying utterly precious moments with my loved ones. Because once I’m back in the race- I’m BACK baby!


PicMonkey Collage


Till next time..

Dr J.


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